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Sofia Ballet
Sofia Ballet, the first private Bulgarian ballet company was born by the union of the soloists of Sofia National Ballet...


Rousse State Ballet
In 2004 the Ballet of Rousse was awarded the highest prize of the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers, the "Crystal-Lyre" for "Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky and the contribution in art.


National Ballet Sofia
Triumph of Bulgarian ballet in Europe! 

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Izmir State Ballet
İzmir State Opera and Ballet Company was founded in 1982 by the founder of the  British and Turkish Ballet Dame Ninette Valois. She put on stage Çeşmebaşı (The first Turkish ballet) for the opening night in 1982.


Ballet Arabesque - Sofia
The dancers of the Bulgarian ARABESQUE Dance Company are absolutely enchanting! The energy of the classical dance and the modern interpretation of national traditions are tightly knitted together in the Bulgarian ballet performances.

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Sofia National School of Dance Art
"Chopiniana" is a master stage play, which is present in the repertoire only of the big and already well-established ballet groups. .....When such a stage play is part of the repertoire of a school ballet group and it is performed in such a way, it is a fact that speaks well enough for the level and quality of the educational process in it.

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