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The National school of dance artThe National School of Dance Art enjoys a well-deserved recognition and has its worthy place in our national culture. It was established 55 years ago as a First ballet and dance performers school in Bulgaria.
On the 5-th of January 1951 was opened a State Ballet School by a decision of Bulgarian Council of Ministers. There was only one specialty - a classic dance. In 1956 started another specialty-Bulgarian dances, and the school was named State choreographic school.

On the occasion of its 50-th anniversary in 2001 State choreographic school was named National school of dance art. In 2001 started another specialty- Modern dances.
The school is a biggest dance center on the Balkan Peninsula in which syllabus all types of contemporary dances are included. The pupils Brush school as professional dancers and ballet dancers, lor 55 years around 1800 pupils finished the National school of dance art.

They became performers, pedagogues, choreographers and theorists. From the beginning till now there are 45 alumni of classic dance and 46-of Bulgarian dances. Now the former pupils of the school are in the all ballet and dance groups in the country. Over 300 ballet performers work in the first-class ballet groups abroad. Many professionals of our dance folklore established schools and groups for Bulgarian dances in USA, Canada, Spain, Germain, Ukraine, Moldavia. They spread the magic of Bulgarian rhythms around the word. Many of the former pupils of the National dance school are prize-winners of the inter¬national competitions and festivals and state medals.

The National school of dance art is a winner of the medal "Cyril and Methodiy"- l-st degree. The National school of dance art won twice the prize "Golden Lyre"-the prize of the Bulgarian Union of musicians and dancers.
Nowadays the pedagogues and pupils prolong the tradition of the professional dance teaching and approve the achievements of the Bulgarian dance teaching.