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Folklore Ensembles

Bulgarian National Folklore Ensemble Philip Kutev
The Philip Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble will always be welcome, winter or summer, day or night. It is superb and unique.

The Chattanooga Times, Chicago, USA

Trakia Ensemble
The Trakia Choir recorded the beautiful songs on the second and third CD from the series "The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices" together with Marcel Cellier.


Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra
The Bulgarian National Radio Folk Orchestra is said to be the living history of Bulgarian folk music. Founded in 1952, it celebrated its 50th jubilee; more than five decades with thousands of recordings and concerts throughout the world.

Vocal Ensemble Boliarka
Boliarka won the special prize of the Folklore Festival in Veliko Tarnovo 1998; first annual awards competition of the Ministry of Defence, Honourable mark of the festival in Babylon, Iraq 1999, Award for Arts and Culture of Shumen 2005, Order St. Cyril and Methodius – second grade.