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"...The conductor Vassil Kazandjiev lets the music to speak for itself, as if streaming from spring. His steady restrained and extremely flexible conducting pleased us with its genuine classical simplicity."

La Derniere Heure - Brussels


"...Vassil Kazandjhiev is a brilliant interpreter. He conducts in a style of his own, with an inspired and expressive gesture."

Il Resto del Carlino - Belluno, Italy


"...Vassil Kazandjhiev achieves not only an exceptional subtlety and vitality at the characterization of the different episodes of each part, but also exhibits a rare skill in the realization of the increasing dynamic effect and logics of the form."

Daily Telegraph - London


"...Vassil Kazandjhiev is a conductor of a lively and aristocratic manner, a freedom of gesture, strictly abiding by the rhythm and requirements of the form."

Il Tempo - Rome


"The conductor Vasil Kazanjiev is perfect and magnificent".

Dmitri Shostakovich


"The conductor Vasil Kazanjiev possesses innumerable creative qualities, along with the will and gift to render the music uncompromisingly, turning thoroughly technique into a means of revealing the work".

Lyubomir Pipkov


"Vasil Kazanjiev is a very splendid person that has left and is further going to leave traces in our creative and performing art".

Lazar Nikolov


"Our national culture can rightfully be proud of such an élite composer and conductor by any international standard, as Kazanjiev is".

Ivan Bakalov


"Vasil Kazanjiev is an efficient conductor. He feels the sound, he looks for and takes out the sound".

Ivan Drenikov


"Vasil Kazanjiev is one of the most dazzling composers, with whom I have ever had personal contact. I place him also among my most important teachers".

Milcho Leviev


"... when Vasil Kazanjiev is conducting, the music breathes and lives free and happy".

Stefan Lazarov


The "Pictures From Bulgaria" by Vasil Kazanjiev are first of all true music, and very beautiful music at it. Isn’t that the best hallmark of art?

The "Le Rappel" daily from 06 November 1971, Charleroi


The "Festal Music" by Vasil Kazanjiev is very interesting – a composition that speaks to us about a world full of fresh national motifs, having ease and dramatic effect, implemented by modern means, which demonstrate all the capacities of the stringed instruments.

The "La Provincia" daily from 08 February 1975, Las Palmas


"The rare sense of form is typical for the works of Vasil Kazanjiev. Not a single prolongation, not a single superfluous repetition or variation of the main thought, and every bar of the score is by itself beautiful and rich in content."

Sergei Slonimski - USSR